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They Call Me Superman is now available. Check it out!

One thought on “Read Michael’s New Novel

  1. pauly1206

    They Call Me Superman, an action packed adventure that takes you places you could never imagine going. Marcus Evans, a superhero in the making, takes us on a journey of his life that makes us really like him, and learning about his past, makes us like him even more. The author, Michael Goffinets’ first writings are surprising, thrilling and unexpected, to say the least! The book is well written and the author does a great job helping us get to know the main characters. So many twists and turns kept me reading and not wanting to put the book down, Michael Goffinet is detailed with his accounts, use of describing evidence and in-depth analysis of emotions brings us, as readers, right into the fray of the action. I believe Mr. Goffinet has found his niche in life. Great job. Keep the books coming!


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